Julia. A UranchimegJ.Uranchimeg

Судалгаа, хамтын ажиллагаа хариуцсан ажилтан

Short CV:

Born Nov.21,1975. Married to Javkhlan since 1996,2 children

Education and Honors:

Bachelor’s degree by English teacher and Translator at School of Foreign Service of MNU, 1993-1997

Award of Best paper of teaching method honors in UB, Mongolia 2004

Public management, Government Academy of Administration & Management Development Institute, 1999

Master degree, Univ. of MSUOE (on Education management of Master’s Thesis), 2002-2004

Ph.D: Education Administration department of CBNU in Jeonju city, Republic of Korea   2009-2014

Positions Held:

English teacher  at Secondary school, UB city, Mongolia, 1995-2002

Research Associate, University of International Business Administration, in Mongolia 2002-2006

Assoc. Prof. MSUOE, State Education Univ. Mongolia

Professor MUST. University, in Mongolia 2004-2007

Visiting Professor: at Dep’t Tourism and Language of International Univ. Korea. IUK, Republic of Korea 2007-2010

Foreign Affairs officer:  Research Institute of Global Education & Culture Mapo-gu121-743 Seoul Republic of Korea in 2009

Principal & manager: JB-English Academy of Jeonju city, Republic of Korea 2009-2011

Principal and English instructor: Research Institute of Global language Education Academy, Jeonju city, Korean 2011-2014                                                            

Voluntary experiences and Part time:

2003-2005: Coordinator of Educational project: In Education Project of Asian Outreach- NGO of Genesis Projects , in UB city ,

                                                Mongolia for 3 years

2005-2006: Coordinator & Advisor: CNCF- Christina Noble Children’s Foundation is an International Partnership of                                                                    International Partner Offices’ in Education Project

2003-2014: Part time English linguistic teacher:  International Languages Center of Chonbuk National University in Jeonju city, Republic of Korea

Major Administrative Tasks:

  • Member, MUST Association in Korea Research, Evaluation, 2010-2014
  • Member, CBNU University Council, 2009-20011, and Council of MUST, Univ.2011-2014
  • Chairman, Task Force for Evaluation of Teacher Evaluation methodology instructor in teacher’s training in Mongolia, SORIS 2007-2010
  • Leader of Education program in the Asian Outreach NGO in Mongolia 1998-2002
  • Leader of several large scale evaluations of research projects in developing countries, e.g. the Danida and CNFU
  • Program for Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Countries, 1999-2008
  • President, Tsogt Chandman’ Co.lt International Trade Company in Mongolia, 2004-2009
  • Leader, evaluation of the Fundamental Science of MUSTAK in Korean, 2012
  • Member, OECD evaluation of Higher Education in Korean , 2009
  • Member, USC Rossier Online Admissions School of Education, University of Southern California 2010-2014
  • Member of Mongolian, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, Global education program, EFA and ESD 2011-2014
  • Member of Researcher of International Journal of Sciences: Research IJSBAR, 2013
SIC  Articles & SIC Performances:
  • Uranchimeg, ‘’How to improve English teacher’s methods & Experience of Education Project in Asian   Outreach- NGO’’ Presentation:  The Conference of National Teachers of quality & environment.  In 1999
  • Julia Uranchimeg, ‘’Specializes in teaching method of English language & Established of class time International conference of Language Institute of named A.C Pushkin State Russian    Federation University, Russia  in 2000
  • A. Uranchimeg, Urangua ‘’ Policy in Education Reform in Mongolia and Uzbekistan in Conference of International NGO Education projects, Asian Ostrich NGO, Mongolia in Sep, 2004
  • A Uranchimeg, ‘’ Strategic Planning in Education some Concepts and Steps in Mongolia ‘’ International Conference in IUK , International University of Korean, Jinju city, Korea 2008
  • A Uranchimeg,  ‘’ Implementation for Instructional Design in Environments of Web based Education’’ Conference of Research Institute of Global Education & Culture, in Seoul , Republic of Korea Aug, 2008
  • A. Uranchimeg ‘’ Policy of Science Technology for Response to Environmental Change of High Education in Korea ‘’ IBSSS, Social Science , The Global Symposium on Social Sciences . www.ibsss.conf.org In 2009
  • A Uranchimeg, presentation at Lecture of PhD Candidate students ‘’ Impact on Teacher Salaries in Caucasus Central Asia and Mongolia ‘’at lecture of Pro.f Park Sea Hoon , Nov, 2009
  • A ‘’ Requirements and Reforming of High Education in Mongolia’’ The First conference of MUSTUK, MUST Association in Korean, pp-17-22 in 2010
  • A ‘’International Standard of ICT training Role For High Education in Mongolia’’ The First conference of  MUST Association in Korean, pp-119-122  in 2010
  • A Uranchimeg, ‘’Understand to Global Education Agenda project’s of EFA and ESD program in Mongolia’’ Global Seminar of UNU- KNCU Post EFA &ESD, National Commission for UNESCO 27 June- 02 July, 2011
  • A Julia ‘’Developing the Mongolia National OER Policy for achieving Education for All International Conference of knowledge based Industry, in Mongolia 2011
  • A Julia, ’’ International Standards of Language Education Development Structure for High Education’’ ‘’ International Conference of MUSTUK, MUST Association in Korean, pp-150-154 in 2011
  • A Julia, ’’ Analysis of Dynamic Strategies Program to Administration for University Management ’’  International Conference of MUSTUK, MUST Association in Korean, pp-187-194 in 2012
  • A Uranchimeg ‘’An Analysis of Educational Patents of Innovation for Formal Education’’ International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) ISSN 2307-4531 Vol.10, No 1, 2013 pp. 52-62,  2013
  • A Uranchimeg ‘’Comparatives Korean and Mongolian Achievement in Higher Education’’ International
  • Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) ISSN 2307- 4531 http://gssrr.org/index.php?journal=Journal , Volume 11, No 1, 2013 pp. 49-55, 2013
  • A Uranchimeg “ ”Conference, Journal of Institution Higher Education Research Association of Mongolia, In Reform of Higher Education in Mongolian’’
Training, seminars & workshops:
  • 1998-2000: Specializes in teaching method certificated, English instruction, training at International Language Institute of A.C Pushkin State Russian Federation University in: 6 Ac. Volgin str., Moscow, 117485, Russia  Council of Europe standards Federation offers office.  For 2 years of the summer course  2 months each. June 1998-2000
  • October 2006: Workshop under a topic of “Communicative Language Instruction for English as a Foreign Language” at a two – weeks seminar at Mongolian University of Science & Technology, Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia , Certificate of Attendance , October 2006
  • 2007: English Language Methodology Awareness Programmed at the Institute of Modern Language and Communication, Multimedia University, Kula Lumpier city, in Malaysia form the 17 Jan- Feb 18 in 2007

                                                                Certificate , Jan 2007

Language proficiency:

Mongolian – mother tongue, English – excellent, Korean fluent, Russian – good

Computer skills:                     

MS-Office, Photoshop, SPSS, Internet access and SPSS others.

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